“Keeping Families Close” Documentary for Ronald McDonald House Charities in Ukraine

One Health
Ukraine is on the starting point of implementing healthcare reform — from old Soviet system to the modern patient-centered and family-centered one. Healthcare professionals in Ukraine don’t engage family members into little patients’ treatment process — they simply don’t want to, don’t know why they should do it and how to do it Healthcare facilities lack basic things like equipment, drugs and money — so families’ comfort at hospitals is considered as not the hottest issue. Since RMHC launch in 2016 in Ukraine, it focuses on the opening Family Rooms at children hospitals – to help families meet their basic needs and stay closer to their sick kids.


Since mass media and general public are overwhelmed with stories about children dying without expensive treatment that the state fails to provide, and the information field is complex and challenging we decided to create the documentary that drives empathy, engages emotionally into the real life stories of basic unmet needs of children. No fiction or art work, in cooperation with popular journalist who is also engaged into the topic.




• 18 TV channels broadcasted the film with more than 10 mln contacts
• 400 000 impressions on Facebook
• The quantity of hospitals that claim for the
new Family Rooms has tripled
• The first RMHC family room was opened just 4 months after the documentary premiere in Lviv Childrens’ Hospital. Two more to come.