Moi Nokia 3310: winning new millennials

BE—IT Agency
In 2017 a renewed version of the legendary feature phone Nokia 3310 was launched worldwide. The world’s best-selling feature phone in the past - the iconic Nokia 3310 - was renewed and faced a challenge of a brand new category of consumers – the young millennials. This fresh audience demonstrated indifference and skepticism, having not associated themselves with the brand and being overall cynical about the come-back of Nokia phones. Customers simply did not believe in the feature phones in the digital era of smartphones.


Inspired by all the fuss and the nostalgic vibe this feature phone has generally revived, we wanted to create a unique experience for a young audience that maybe haven’t ever used any other phone but the smart one.

The insight was — nowadays, being closely connected in the digital world the young people are less than ever engage in real life. 
Having in mind the philosophy of the Nokia brand — Connecting people — we tried to gather millennials together in a place where they usually tend not to communicate — in the library. 

We encouraged millennials to focus on a true social interaction by giving them a chance to start a chat with someone close nearby whom they have liked, using the Nokia 3310 device. Visitors of a library were able to send an unlimited number of SMS to get to know each other. They could also order a free cup of coffee for somebody by sending an SMS to barista.

That’s how we transformed the distant communication into a real conversation.


10 000 000+ mln reach of the campaign. ‘Moi Nokia 3310’ activation was mentioned in Kyiv city-guides’ lists among top city activities to take

+36% phone sales growth in volumes during the activation

1706 personal SMS sent using Nokia 3310 within a library activation