Ukrainians learn smart economy with P&G

BE—IT Agency
After the political crisis in Ukraine in 2013-2014 worsened by the economic crisis, companies lost 13% of their consumers. Moreover, a new consumer behavior evolved: every 2nd consumer tried lower tier brands in order to save money. Many of them deselected brands that were not on promo, personal and homecare segments declined by 50%. We needed to shift mass consumer new behavior from buying cheaper family & homecare products to the usual P&G brands – Ariel, Tide, Fairy, Always, Pampers, Lenor. By buying cheap products consumers compromised on quality and did not get the results they were used to. Our campaign had to remind Ukrainians that Price and Value were not the same.


We raised the issue of saving and educated Ukrainian consumers on how to save money smartly nationwide.
The multibrand communication campaign
‘Save by choosing quality’ was aimed at engaging people into the conversation about true savings, products quality and irrational consumer decisions.
We invited a well-known TV host with a credible image of wise and smart in a household woman for campaign endorsement among consumers.
An activation for key lifestyle bloggers and joint projects with media about smart saving lifehacks continued the public talk about household savings.
On stage 2 of the campaign we encouraged people to share ‘tips’ on smart household savings via a national contest in partnership with top Ukrainian retailers — METRO and EVA.
So we went directly to consumer with a call to action via 620 stores nationally serving 3 000 000 consumers daily/monthly.
For 2 months people from all over Ukraine sent their tips on optimizing family budget both online and using in-store boxes.


On stage 3 we wanted people to see the quality of P&G product with their own eyes and prove that quality helps to save family budget. So we organized the setting of a new national record in Ukraine: the biggest amount of dishes washed in 1 hour with Fairy.
And we were smart in saving our costs as well! We integrated into an open-air Kyiv Food&Wine Festival to avoid creating a standalone event. We announced the results and winners of the ‘Best saving advice’ campaign there and set the national record. 
The record was registered by the representative of National Registry of Records, and information about it spread through media news.


P&G Ukraine Leadership Team kicked off the #instorechallenge, encouraging office employees to actively participate in an educational campaign.

About 30% of employees became P&G brands ambassadors and engaged in face-to-face consumers’ consulting about the real value of P&G products.
The Ambassadors shared their experience in over 100 posts in social media resulting in thousands of reactions.


80 000 000+ coverage through media impressions

Double sales growth of P&G brands

The most impressive and effective local P&G campaign in Ukraine for the last 5 years