Avon encourages women to be #BRAve on their health checkups

BE—IT Agency
Breast cancer leads among oncodeseases and is a major risk of death in Europe. After the disease is detected, only 60% of patients in Ukraine live in the next 5 years- this is because 25% of Ukrainian women see a doctor too late, when metastases have already appeared. Although the chances of cure at the first stage of the disease are 95%. The earlier the problem is detected the higher the chances of recovery. Avon has a longstanding platform to fight breast cancer. So we decided to create an awareness campaign that would encourage women to check their health in time, rather than when it's too late.


We have created an impactful campaign where women themselves became ambassadors of timely breast physician check ups. By introducing the courage relay we have caught the deepest feeling – the fear of breast cancer, which is usually masked by "I do not have time for it" or "I do not need it".
Together with partner, Ukrainian lingerie manufacturer Anabel Arto, Avon created a sensitive, aesthetic collection of bras #BRAve that touched women’s hearts and influenced their decision to get a checkup. All of bras were made by tailors, who had taken the breast ultrasound check up themselves and left an encouraging note for the attached to the bra passing a piece of their bravery to women.

We have also collected funds for a digital mammographer been purchased and transferred to the Sumy Oncology Dispensary.


71% of women who did not intend to get a check up, promised to do it

#BRAve collection was by 265% more successful in sales compared to the same lingerie Anabel Arto sold outside the collection

2 500 000 earned reach in traditional and social media