UNICEF engages teens into Adrenaline Battle: HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

One Health
Since Ukraine has the largest HIV epidemic in Europe and only 50% of 200 000 HIV/AIDS positive people know about their status we needed to educate young people about the ways of HIV transmission and its prevention. We also wanted to encourage teens 14-25 y.o for HIV testing, which is perceived as marginal and “non personally relevant” among young audiences. The challenge was to spread the word widely and convince adolescents to take care of their health while not lecturing them and not forbidding anything, in their language and through their channels.


We've put HIV testing on the same scale as the world of adrenaline-surging, daring experiences, which teens are so much into. Like skateboarding, tattooing, or street dancing. So, when one tests for HIV – it’s a bold move.

We developed a digital-based game – Adrenaline Battle, with 6 tasks, and among them – post a photo with a packed condom and test for HIV. In this battle teens got adrenalin when they competed with each other and with their idols doing crazy things in a smart way.

As teens live in smartphones and ready to follow their respective idols, we selected Battle ambassadors with strong social media presence from various sub-cultures. A girls-pop-band, an underground vocalist, an indie rock band, a YouTube creator, a photo artist, and a Ukrainian super star, multi-artist MONATIK, for free promoted Adrenaline Battle and challenged teens to test for HIV and learn about ways of HIV prevention.

Key message: Do crazy things in a smart way, get adrenaline, test for HIV.


The campaign resulted in 7,637 teens have participated in the Adrenaline Battle. We have reached more than 2,057,000 people in social media with the Battle participants’-generated content. The reach in the earned traditional media is over 3,800,000 people.

44% more adolescents tested for HIV in Youth Friendly Clinics during February-March 2018 comparing to previous periods.