21 Dec 2018

Employer Leadership Summit 2018 Digest is now available online

Summing up the year behind and setting up plans for the year that's coming, we are all also reflecting on what we've achieved in 2018, what it has taught us the most, what joys has it brought and what ambitions has it set for 2019.

The 7-th Employer Leadership Summit, which is organized by One Philosophy Group of Companies and coordinated by Changers consultancy was held on November 1-2, 2018 and had its focus on Learning to Learn concept. 

The main topic of the annual Forum for leadership development, employer brand and effective communications ELS 2018 was the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn — as the one and only stable competitive advantage in any business environment of the future that has already come.

We talked about how to shape the mindset of a lifelong learning, how to fall in love with challenges and turn the mistakes into an investment.

So here's the Digest of the most valuable insights of the Summit #KyivELS2018.

ELS 2019 Digest

The ELS 2019 Digest is the quintessence of knowledge you will need to have to start your better year, more successful year for your business and a joyful yet productive year for your teams.

Take a look at this reading to gain some inspiration and keep on practicing these instruments to master your new skills while firming up your growth mindset.