12 Dec 2018

Global Communications Insights 2018/2019 event at One Philosophy Space

Together with the Ukrainian Association for Public Relations (UAPR) One Philosophy arranges a yearly meeting of Ukrainian PR and marketing communications experts, where we discuss key global communications events insights, trying to reflect on biggest learnings of the year and make some predictions for the industry for the next year.

This time the speakers shared their experience of visiting and speaking at Global PR Summit #PRovoke, the European Social Marketing Conference and the Web Summit.

Joined by more than 60 communications experts the discussion was led by:
- Natalia Popovych, the President of One Philosophy Group,
- Kristina Nikolayeva, managing director of Be—it Agency,
- Nataliya Olbert-Sinko, managing director of Be—it Health & Social Impact
- Svitlana Shynkrenko, CEO of Mullenlowe Adventa
Moderated by Yulia Gumenyak, CEO of One Philosophy Group. 

Some valuable speakers' quotes:

Nataliya Popovych:
✨ Brand is culture. Culture is brand.
✨ Brands must realize that their long-term interest is to invest in education. And the explanation that populism is bad.
✨ We are at consumer level brands looking for at least something from what we are accustomed to. And we do not want to change it. It gives rest when everything collapses around us.
✨ People measure business success by the influence of the business itself on solving public problems

Kristina Nikolayeva:
✨ It's becoming difficult to get in touch with those who do not share your point of view. People should hear the opposite opinion 3-4 times to start listening to her.
✨ The Newton Trends Act - for each trend there is a countertrend.

Nataliya Olbert-Sinko:
✨ Nudging, as a communication format, should exist at the level of the role of the state, wherever certain rules and tools are introduced to push a person to change his behavior.

Svetlana Shynkarenko:
✨ Brand will be perceived as a system of values, as a system of ideologies.